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RS Planet X - Nibiru v1

Summary:Planet X (a.k.a. Nibiru) the 12th planet, planet of the crossing.
Description:Planet X is a hypothetical/fictional planet orbiting our sun as the the 12th planet. This add-on is based on ancient scriptures and much internet data from different sources. Including: Zacheria Sitschins books, Nasa, newspapers and numerous websites. The planet orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter and has a long elliptical orbit. It is generally thought to be a brown dwarf with several moons but there are other theories as well.

The planet is believed to be bringing destruction to mankind somewhere around 2012 when it passes through the ecliptic plane every 3600 years being responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the great flood etc. Somewhere in the past it collided with a hypothetical planet called Tiamat which was believed to orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter thus creating the asteroid belt. It is also believed that Nibiru is the home world of the Annunaki, the gods who from the heavens to the Earth came. The Annunaki supposedly created humanity with DNA experiments.

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Creator:Rob Sanders
Added:2008-07-12 12:11
Last modified:2011-10-08 10:51
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Comments by visitors:

2015-01-05 12:18
#9 anonymous
Dear ???, I hate it to break your imagination, but nibiru is a total bull. It's 2015 and nothing happened.

Still, it was a great add-on before 2012 and still is!
2012-04-19 05:07
#8 ???
I know its Real (Maybe?) Planet X's is visible as the "Second Sun" at the antartic in January/2012. Next, Will visible in 21/Dec/2012 as a bright redish object. in 14-17/Feb 2013 We will suffer more a lot. in 1 jul/2014 Planet X/Nibiru will not effect our Earth and Solar system and left our galaxy.
2011-11-10 01:24
#7 anonymous
I'd like to offer some 30+ yrs. experience, as an astrophysicist.
~there is a watchful eye for "Planet X". However, this is Not the "primary concern". There is a rare cluster of Helios-paralleling formations within our solar system that will be taking place between 2012 through 2015. Extensive research into back testing 2000+ yrs.has NO such parallel collective been found. Effects in part, or partial-clustering, has been established in past history, & has shown periods of massive calamity and devastating historical events. There will be a total of 9 destructive "effects" over a 3 1/2 yr. period, the massive burst of solar flairs alone can make it necessary to go underground. The speculative scenario's is more for the crystal ball viewers. But I do suggest serious common sense applications and Preparedness.
2010-08-05 12:48
#6 TP09
Well, the whole thing is bull, 2012 is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I ever heard... same with Nibiru...
Though I understand the addon is used for fictional purposes and nothing more, I think the conspiracy is utter bull.
2009-12-24 16:46
#5 Vostok
The current location of Planet X is in between Saturn and Jupiter, and we can't see the bright red ball? Harr harr harr! Unlikely, but still a neat download.
2009-11-28 22:46
#4 anonymous
One of planet x`s moons collided with a planet in the past creating the asteroid belt. A large chunk of that collided with a water planet called tiamat forming the earth and the moon.
2009-04-22 12:00
#3 anonymous
Somewhere in the past it collided with a planet and formed an asteroid ring.
And now it's coming back, again?

I'll suppose there is some reason why all that debris will collide for no apparent reason and goes on a orbit that is physically impossible. And will rampage the solar system in 2012?
Seems a little inaccurate, the idea of a tenth mysterious planet is otherwise intriguing in a mysterious way.
2009-03-18 08:35
#2 anonymous
wonderfull!, and about time someone included this feature of enquiry,.. and not to be taken seriously, least until it becomes visable!
2009-02-25 22:38
#1 anonymous
good thing this addon is fictional, or otherwise in a couple years there would be a LOT of freaked out people. ;) REALLY nice addon! home page