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Beta Rigel Sytem

Summary:The Beta Rigel System in Eta Leporis.
Description:This is Fugazi's interpretation of the Beta Rigel System. He used and modified the NightTextures of Runar's "Ran" for Rigel III, IV, V and X! This is a fictional system. It contains 14 planets, with it's moons (or not) and about 100 asteroids. Fugazi knows that this system is unrealistic, but our knowledge about the universe is still very limited. So you can say: "Expect the unexpected".

He didn't use the true Rigel star, because it's not in the Star Trek Map. Rigel is 770 LY away and is a B8 star. Eta Leporis was at range 33 on NASA's "Terrestrial Planet Finder Project" list (Range 1 was Alpha Centauri A).

This add-on uses only high-resolution .png files, (and a DDS texture) to reproduce this system. This is why this package is very large.

The planets:

Rigel III: "In an alternate future time frame, Geordi La Forge lived on Rigel III with his wife Leah Brahms and his children."

Rigel IV: "Rigel IV was home to a species of indigenous reptilian Rigellians who had joined the United Federation of Planets by the year 2272."

Rigel V: "Homeworld of the Rigelians."

Rigel VI: "Location of Starbase 134"

Rigel VII: "In 2254, a landing party from the starship USS Enterprise, led by Captain Christopher Pike, visited Rigel VII. While inside an apparently abandoned fortress, Pike and crew were attacked by the native Kaylar warriors. Three crew members, including Pike's personal yeoman, were killed."

Rigel X: "The frozen world Rigel X is the tenth planet in the Rigel system. It is the site of a trade complex consisting of 36 levels and populated by numerous different species. Rigel X is home to a species of large flies and a variety of colorful butterflies."

Rigel XII: "Conditions on the planet were harsh, and habitation was only possible in sealed pressure domes. Grit and dust were everywhere, and sandstorms were a frequent occurrence. These storms were especially bad during a magnetic storm. Water was scarce, and plant life was twisted and sere."

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