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Gradius III system

Summary:This is the Gradius III system, which is located around the star Alula Borealis.
Description:To install, simply extract this entire package into your Celestia\extras directory.

To view, just use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to Alula Borealis, then use Celestia's Solar System Browser under the Navigation Menu in order to view all of the objects included in this system.

The Gradius III system, Located around the star Alula Borealis. This is home to the Gradians, a peaceful Human-like species who are colonized on the Planet Gradius. Every century or so, the poor Gradians are attacked an evil race, the Bacterions, who attempt to take over their planet, along with the rest of the entire solar system. The Gradians thus have no choice but to launch the Vic Viper, a one man fighter ship that is capable of light speed. To rid themselves of the Bacterions invading their planet and all of their other planetary neighbors, the Viper had to be launched.

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NOTE: Last updated on 26 February 2009.

Alulaborealis - Update contains new and updated files for the Gradius III System.

Extras - Music and game video files for the Gradius III add-on, meant for enjoyment purposes only!
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License:Free for use within Celestia only. Please send an e-mail to For the music files, please contact me for any use OTHER than in Celestia, other than that, this add-on may be freely shared
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Last modified:2012-05-22 09:57
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2012-05-20 00:58
#3 Sirius18933
Hmm... i found Scramble Texture is like Sulawesi, and Kalimantan Islands from Indonesia... :\ Why???
2009-12-11 04:43
Very slick add-on. It looks like you've well earned your name!
2008-12-29 05:15
#1 Astroboy
How... original!!! Pretty well done, too. home page