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Summary:This add-on depicts the locations and models for a wide variety of Lunar, Martian and Venusian landing and crash sites.
Description:First of all, let me just publicly thank Martin Charest (Cham) for his spectacular work on the location and identification of most of these spacecraft and crash sites. Martin has - as accurately as possible - set the coordinates for almost all of the objects contained within this add-on. He is also responsible for all of the original 3ds flag models which were originally used within. I have modified all of the original 3ds files in order to use simple ASCII cmod files so that anyone can change the textures used very easily. I have also created my own crash site models which were based upon Martin's original 3ds files.

Your work here is VERY much appreciated Martin.

Next, I have to give proper credit where that credit is due for other parts of this add-on. Jack Higgins is the original author of all of the Lunar spacecraft which are depicted with 3ds models. The only thing I have done to them is to try to insure compatibility with all operating systems (I hope!) Although we haven't heard from Jack in a while, his web site is still up and running as of today (20 June 2008) and I downloaded all Lunar models from Jack's site.

To install these add-ons, simply extract the entire file to a temporary directory somewhere on your machine, and then copy or move each folder to Celestia\extras, or to an extras sub-directory named according to your own preferences. Each of the folders included in this zip file is self-contained, meaning that it can be placed anywhere in the Celestia\extras directory and still operate as it should. This add-on was created on a Windows Vista system, but should be compatible with all other systems as far as I am able to determine this situation right now.
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Creator:Bob Hegwood
Martin Charest, and Jack Higgins.
License:Freeware as long as credit is given to ALL authors listed within and used for non-commercial purposes.
Added:2008-06-23 20:45
Last modified:2009-07-19 19:07
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