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ISS (June 2008)

Summary:International Space Station as of June 2008.
Description:Please note: Do not download this add-on when you use Celestia 1.6.x since this add-on became part of the basic installation of Celestia 1.6.0/1.6.1.

This model is a rough representation of what the ISS actually looks like as of June 2008. It is a deconstruction of Andrew Farnaby's full ISS model. The SSC-file was created and packaged by Adirondack.

NOTE: You may or may not need the SSC file included within this package. Depending upon how you have your current ISS add-on installed, you may wish to simply replace the line in your SSC file which calls for the old mesh with the new one. For example, you may be able to simply replace your current line so that it reads:
Mesh "ISSjun08.3ds"

Of course, you will also have to replace your current model of the ISS with the model included within this package too. Sorry for the possible confusion here, but the ISS comes both with Celestia, and as a separate add-on from a number of other sources. Do what is correct for your system.
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Package modified by Adirondack and textures by Bob Hundley.
License:Originally created by Andrew Farnaby.
Added:2008-06-15 01:02
Last modified:2011-07-12 21:41
ISS (June 2008) 3DS/SSC/BMP 629.81 kB

Comments by visitors:

2009-01-24 06:32
#3 m15a4
The pack looks great once installed.

--Note for *nix users. You must reload all the .bmp files to all CAPS (including file extension).

--Note for developers, if you call the files using all caps, name the files using all caps. ;o)
2008-10-31 19:48
#2 Alex
2008-06-15 06:28
#1 Bob Hegwood
Finally, the ISS is starting to look like it really does in space. Great job on this model and much appreciated at this end. home page