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Europa (16K VT)

Summary:16K Europa Virtual Surface Textures.
Description:This add-on provides clearly more detail for the surface of Jupiter's most interesting moon. Simply follow John's installation instructions which can be found in the included ReadMe.txt file. Please note that this add-on has NOT been made into an alternative surface texture. It simply modifies your current definition so that Europa is automatically displayed using the VT tiles.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2008-05-08 21:15
Last modified:2008-05-14 22:10
Levels 0-2 PNG/VT 21.02 MB
Level 3 PNG/VT 41.52 MB
Level 4 (Part 1) PNG/VT 86.29 MB
Level 4 (Part 2) PNG/VT 87.01 MB

Comments by visitors:

2010-04-11 13:31
#2 Alfred
Just great again!
2009-11-05 05:21
#1 anonymous
Now THIS is technology. I can just zoom in and see exactly what Galileo saw (this is true color, I trust). Great, hi-res addon. home page