Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
2300AD/2320AD Universe

Summary:Systems and pathways in the 2300AD/2320AD SF setting.
Description:This add-on represents the universe of the 2300AD and 2320AD role-playing games. The setting is the stars within ~60 ly from the sun reachable by jumps shorter than 7.7 light-years. It contains pathways, stars and planetary systems based on the game's map and modules. Note: In some cases this add-on replaces "real" stars due to the game's use of the old Gliese catalog. Also, please note that there are many planets and moons included with this add-on, so you may wish to view the contents of the README.txt file for more information. Use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to referenced stars, and then use the Solar System Browser under Celestia's Navigation Menu to view these planetary systems.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Anders Sandberg
License:This is a free add-on for use in Celestia. 2300AD belongs to Far Future Enterprises, 2320AD QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
Added:2008-04-26 22:38
Last modified:2008-05-01 06:52
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Comments by visitors:

2012-03-20 00:03
#4 Dylan
You have AWESOME ring textures and gas giant textures. I think your better at making Jovian textures than terrestrial planets. I think you should stick with the Jovians only.
2010-09-12 18:09
#3 anonymous
all the habitable worlds look like earth
2009-05-20 17:17
#2 John
Great work Anders, I came on this site to assess how difficult it would be to build a 2300/2320 setting in Celestia to find you had already done this. Thank you.
2009-04-30 01:24
Whoa... thats CRAZY! how many planets are in this thing?!? I'm very impressed, I had no idea you could get so much done with just 7mb! home page