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Tour of Mercury

Summary:Revised Tour of Mercury Version 3.01.
Description:This add-on includes everything you need in order to explore the planet Mercury. Please be aware that it includes John Van Vliet's 4K Mercury textures which have been offset by 6 pixels to the right in order to pin-point the locations on Mercury. This script will work just fine without the textures, but it is much more enjoyable when you can clearly see the features which are explored. The add-on also includes Terrier's Mariner 10 model. Please view the ReadMe.txt file for complete installation instructions.

Dutch version by Marco Klunder.
Korean version by Fly_Space (Korean version works with Celestia 1.6.0 or newer only!)
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Bob Hegwood
John van Vliet and Terrier
License:Free for non-commercial use.
Added:2008-04-10 20:49
Last modified:2010-04-26 17:19
Tour of Mercury V3.01 (english) 4.23 MB
Dutch Version V3.01 (dutch) 4.24 MB
Korean version (korean) 4.24 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-06 21:33
#3 Egbert Hinzen
Today I joined the tour with 1.6.1 and it's OUTDATED!

The tour ends "waiting" for MESSENGER which passed in 2011, updating a lot of the tour-infos.

Because of contrast problems some of the tour-text wasn't readable.

2008-12-11 18:07
#2 M15a4
I just wanted to thank Mr. Hegwood for his wonderful Tour series. These are fantastic additions to the Celestia 'universe'.
2008-04-12 20:28
#1 Planetario
The ambient light used in this script is "Medium". I believe that the Mercury surface shows much better with "Low". You need to do the following: once started the script, open menu "Render" and select "Low"; if this option is already selected, switch to another ("None" or "Medium") and select it again. A good addon, improved with the excellent John Van Vliet's textures. (I apologize for my English.) home page