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Io (8K VT)

Summary:8K VT surface map of Io.
Description:This add-on contains an 8K virtual texture surface map for Io. Simply follow John's installation instructions in his ReadMe.txt file. When finished, you should have a JohnVV folder in your Celestia\extras directory which contains everything you need to display John's 8K virtual texture surface map for Io. If you need more help, please view our Documentation Page for more information on creating and using virtual textures.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2008-02-02 10:45
Last modified:2008-02-06 16:49
Levels 0-2 PNG/VT 17.54 MB
Level 3 PNG/VT 35.87 MB

Comments by visitors:

2009-10-19 19:05
#1 Teto
The difference/enhancement with the 'standard' texture is... Wow!!
Just perfect. home page