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64K Moon Surface Map VT

Summary:New 64K Virtual Texture package for the Moon.
Description:This LRO WAC map is in alignment with the LRO-LOLA Height map.

Unzip these packages into Celestia so that all files get copied to your Celestia\extras directory. For more detailed instructions, please view John's ReadMe.txt file which has been included in the first part of this package.

You must FIRST install and then all other parts one after the other! Do not mix up Levels and/or parts.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2008-01-22 17:23
Last modified:2011-11-30 17:32
Levels 0-3 SSC/PNG/CTX 75.66 MB
Level 4 PNG 212.95 MB
Level 5 (Part 1) PNG 402.25 MB
Level 5 (Part 2) PNG 415.92 MB
Level 6 (Part 1) PNG 407.47 MB
Level 6 (Part 2) PNG 406.89 MB
Level 6 (Part 3) PNG 396.54 MB
Level 6 (Part 4) PNG 408.61 MB
Level 6 (Part 5) PNG 417.12 MB
Level 6 (Part 6) PNG 421.01 MB
Level 6 (Part 7) PNG 394.69 MB
Level 6 (Part 8) PNG 399.63 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-06-18 03:35
#5 Major Stress
Nicely done! Some outstanding work John!
2011-12-26 14:28
#4 Pulsar Film
It works - thnx for that - however it take a while. It's funny how simple things get complicated sometimes.

Happy New Year 2012 :)
2011-11-15 01:57
#3 Langrenus
Great add-on for levels 0-3. I went up to level 5 but saw no difference (improvement) in 4 or 5 over 0-3. In the end I chose to recover the 3.5 GB of lost hard drive space by discarding levels 4 and 5. Perhaps I made a mistake somewhere in the process, but I did follow all the instructions. I hope others have had better luck with this than I have. Still, kudos to the creator of the add-on.
2010-03-23 20:29
#2 Bob Hegwood
This version of the file has NO problems. This is a NEW version of John's great virtual Moon textures.
2009-10-01 03:04
#1 Jim B
Moon looks great up thru Level 4.
Following the download of Level 5 (Part 1), when unzipping it, had an error message that said bad zip header. home page