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Jupiter Rings

Summary:Jupiter's Visible Rings.
Description:This add-on contains a 1K PNG file for use in displaying only the (barely) visible portion of Jupiter's Ring System. Please view the enclosed ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.
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Creator:Bob Hegwood
License:Free for non-commercial use.
Added:2008-01-17 17:09
Last modified:2010-03-22 11:29
Jupiter Rings 1K/PNG 7.27 kB

Comments by visitors:

2012-01-27 05:22
#3 Bebobong
The outer of main ring should be the inner of the orbit of Adrastea(moon XV)
2010-03-21 20:51
#2 anonymous
Thin as it's suppossed to be! Good.
2008-01-17 17:53
#1 anonymous
a very nice touch for Jupiter with this addon...THANKS! home page