Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Chronos/Eternity System

Summary:This add-on features several planets, including two double-planets and an asteroid belt.
Description:This fictional system is not visible from Earth since it's placed behind Sirius. The paths of the double planets aren't rendered by Celestia but you should be able to select them by using the 1-9 planet select function. To install, simply place the Eternity_system folder in your Celestia\extras directory. To view, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to the star Eternity. Then, simply use the Solar System Browser to view the planets and moon in this add-on.
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License:This add-on is free to use, but only with the Celestia. If used for or with other means, please contact the author.
Added:2008-01-12 22:59
Last modified:2010-02-20 21:49
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Comments by visitors:

2011-03-22 07:54
#10 dissembly
J.T.K. - The temperatures calculated by Celestia are known to be innaccurate (it's why the latest version isn't going to calculate temperatures at all).

Temperatures can vary greatly, due to a number of factors that have nothing to do with the star or the distance from it. There's albedo (clouds and reflective terrains cool planets), cloud cover, atmospheric composition, internal heat of the planet, the dynamics of the hydrosphere, etc etc.

Anonymous #2 - Celestia renders the shadows, it has nothing to do with the *.ssc.
2010-03-01 12:40
#9 anonymous
I agree with JTK !
Spock's Vulcan planet must be a paradise.
2010-03-01 12:36
#8 J.T.K.
Yeah ! it will be a hell.
The given temperatures are averages.
At the sahara desert, it does 323 °K under shadow.
309 - 288 (terrestrial average without albedo) = 21 °K, for your planets it gives (323 + 21) 344 ° K or 71 ° C in a desert.
Hello Lucifer, the tea is hot (lol) !
2010-02-27 19:07
#7 Elydion
The habitable planets were meant to be somewhat warmer. maybe I overdone, but I think it is nice to wear a t-shirt in winter without catching a cold. =P
2010-02-22 10:40
#6 J.T.K.
Why didnt you take real star like PI CMA or HIP 32076 ?
More, the two inhabited planets are too near of its star, their temperatures are too hot at 309°K (Earth 261°K). You must far away their orbits to 6.0 AUs.
2010-02-21 08:12
#5 J.T.K.
I ve forgotten to tell you like (#2 anonymous) that to appear twin planets into solar navigator, you must update the ssc file as Class "planet"
Texture "empty.3ds"
Radius 0.01
after that, it's OK !
2009-10-10 21:47
Nice Job, Keep at it. I would make a great statement or critisize it but nothing comes to mind, and it would be a great statement by the way.
2009-06-11 18:03
#3 Elydion
Well, i can't do anything about the shadows, since they are redered by celestia. and i was to lazy to add more moons. (sorry for that)
2009-03-26 21:51
#2 anonymous
Well to start off the earths dont appear on the solar sytem browser and can only be acsessed by typing 4 and has very unrealistic minor moons and a moon creates a shadow larger than its planet?
2008-08-08 21:22
#1 anonymous
Nice views though I wonder about the double-planets stability... home page