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Krypton and Rao

Summary:Superman's home planet of Krypton and its red sun Rao.
Description:This add-on will add Superman's homeworld of Krypton and its red sun, Rao, to Celestia. The add-on turns Gliese 581 into Rao and 'b' into Krypton.
Added by Ulrich of the CML-Team:
Caution: This add-on replaces the following original basic files of Celestia: extrasolar.ssc / / starnames.dat when you install according to the author's instructions in the readme.txt file. You should definitely backup these files before installing this add-on!
Addon Homepage:
License:Public Domain.
Added:2007-12-15 01:13
Last modified:2008-04-01 17:17
Krypton and Rao DAT/SSC/STC/PNG 978.63 kB

Comments by visitors:

2008-04-01 17:27
#9 Bob Hegwood
Just FYI... You can also create a Krypton folder in your extras directory, and create SSC and STC files solely for this add-on if you like. Simply extract only the RAO parts of the author's SSC and STC files, then create your own files for use with this add-on. Place these files into the Krypton folder, along with the textures in Krypton\textures\medres, and the DAT file in the Krypton\data folder.
2007-12-18 10:43
#8 Spaceman
If you don't like the motification of Gliese 581, find another star to motificate it. With this way you can have Superman's main world and keep the original Gliese 581 at the same time ;-)
2007-12-16 21:02
#7 anonymous
Anonymous #3: the typical argument "if you don't like it, do not download it" is very inappropriate for a site as this one. The critiques are done in order that CelestiaMotherlode keep up his high level.
2007-12-16 13:21
#6 Ray
As a fictional addition, this is rather nice.
2007-12-16 07:03
#5 anonymous
awesome job, man! i've been looking for a krypton addon for a while now, glad to see someone finally stepped up and attempted it! looking great!
2007-12-16 01:18
#4 anonymous
looks great!!!

the rotation of Rao makes it look so ominous!!
2007-12-16 01:09
#3 anonymous
if you don't like it, don't download it, no one is forcing you to accept this as an amazing add on

the uploader is just a fan of superman who wanted to share his alteration of a star system with other fans on celestia, nothing that can't be undone if someone wanted to bring back Gliese 581 and b.
2007-12-15 19:08
#2 anonymous
Extremely bad and useless addon. Don't download this crap !
2007-12-15 06:58
#1 Planetario
Gliese 581 is one of the most interesting extrasolar objects, and replacing it for this infantile sun with big polar pinches, isn’t worth it. Why enlarge so much the ficcional catalogue with useless addons? home page