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Soyouz EVA 4-5

Summary:Historic story from Soyuz 4/5 in January 1969
Description:This add-on runs with French and English scripts, included you will see Soyuz 4 and 5 mission with historical flight.
Complex ssc file shows mobile hatch and cosmonauts.
Script run perfectly on Celestia 1.4.1

This add-on is from my serie BACK IN USSR.
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License:Commercial use strictly prohibited, e-mail me in case of other use.
Added:2007-08-20 11:14
Last modified:2009-07-16 14:29
Soyouz EVA 4-5 (english) 10.66 MB

Comments by visitors:

2009-07-16 05:42
#4 Lorenzo Vargas
Very nice add-on! The author chose to depict the Soyuz spacecraft exactly like the models on display in the National Museum rather than how they looked in reality with all those thermal blankets and stuff. The emphasis here though is showing all the maneuverings that were involved. You really get to see all that action when you run the script!

I had to go to the add-on homepage and re-download it from there. That file had a SSC REPLACEMENT FOLDER containing the corrected Soyuz4-5.SSC and the missing Cosmonaut.SSC! After that it ran perfectly except for comments in the script that went back and forth between French and English.

As of July 15,2009 the file HERE has not yet been corrected and updated.
2008-03-01 19:37
#3 Hank
No .ssc present to display Soyuz 5. Also, could not get the Cosmonauts to display. The times in the .ssc files neet to be adjusted. But, what do I know....
2007-11-29 14:15
#2 anonymous
As Derek mentioned, the models included in this
add-on are really beautiful. The SSC's are so full of
control characters though, that most of them do NOT
work correctly in a Windows environment. A lot of
editing will be necessary in order to repair the SSC
and CEL files so that the add-on performs as
2007-09-01 14:40
#1 Derek
Models are excellent, no ssc for soyouz5 link up.Cel is therefore also incomplete home page