Jupiter: Texture Maps:

Summary:2K/4K Jupiter textures.
Description:These add-ons provide a bit more enhanced detail for our view of Jupiter. One package contains a 2K texture, and the other a 4K texture. To install, simply copy the appropriate SSC file to your Celestia\extras directory, and then copy the associated JPG texture to your Celestia\textures\medres directory. To view the selected texture(s) in Celestia, you'll have to right-click on Jupiter, and then select the appropriate alternative texture for use with the planet.
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License:These add-ons may be used for Celestia free of charge.
Added:2007-06-26 07:47
Last modified:2008-06-14 15:06
2K Jupiter Map JPG 1.78 MB
4K Jupiter Map JPG 6.77 MB

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2007-06-26 15:28
#1 gradius_fanatic
i don't mean to burst your bubble, but i had already created this exact same texture prior to your upload. home page