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VT Venus Normal Map (64K)

Summary:VT Venus Normal Map textures, Levels 0-6.
Description:A NormalMap for Venus based on the height information from the GTDR radar data combined with SFS inferred information from the C1-MIDR data.
John's add-on package contains everything you need to add higher-resolution Normal Map images for the surface of Venus. This Virtual Texture (VT) package contains the PNG images and the CTX control file, as well as the SSC needed to use the higher-resolution textures. Please note that it is recommended to use THIS package with John's VT Venus Surface map. To install, copy the SSC file to your Celestia\extras directory, and copy the CTX and PNG folders to your Celestia\textures\hires folder.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2007-06-19 13:37
Last modified:2012-05-18 10:21
Levels 0-3 PNG/CTX/SSC 43.48 MB
Level 4 PNG 127.35 MB
Level 5 (Part 1) PNG 211.98 MB
Level 5 (Part 2) PNG 203.46 MB
Level 6 (Part 1) PNG 367.33 MB
Level 6 (Part 2) PNG 394.94 MB
Level 6 (Part 3) PNG 362.10 MB
Level 6 (Part 4) PNG 368.03 MB

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So perfect. So specific
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Very impressive! Thank you! home page