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VT Saturn Moons

Summary:8K/16K Virtual Textures for some of Saturn's moons.
Description:These add-ons contain varying high resolution virtual textures for some of Saturn's moons. You may follow John's installation instructions which have been included with each add-on package. Please note, however, that the Enceladus package is MISSING its Enceladus.ctx file. In order to repair this, simply create the file using Notepad or its equivalent, and then save it to your Celestia\textures\hires directory. Copy the following into the new file, than save it as was just described:

ImageDirectory "Enceladus"
BaseSplit 0
TileSize 512
TileType "png"

Please note that ALL of these packages include PNG files for their texture images, and that John suggests that to install these packages, you should unzip each into your Celestia directory, and then start Celestia.

NOTE from Brain-Dead Bob: Not everyone sets up and uses their VT's in the same manner, so you may wish to use another approach in order to establish these textures as Alternative Textures for each of these add-ons. On my Vista system, for example, I have used the following code in order to use John's simply excellent VT for Dione as an alternative texture. Please note that John does NOT recommend this, but I am offering this advice simply for others who may prefer this approach to using VT's. Please see the code below for Dione:

Modify "Dione" "Sol/Saturn"
Texture "Dione.ctx"
Radius 559
SpecularColor [ 0.11 0.1 0.1 ]
SpecularPower 5.0

AltSurface "High Resolution" "Sol/Saturn/Dione"
Texture "Dione.ctx"

You would simply save this code as your new Dione.ssc file in your Celestia\extras\Dione folder, and then you'd have the opportunity to right-click on Dione while running Celestia in order to select either the "Normal" texture, or the "High Resolution" texture.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
License:Creative Commons.
Added:2007-06-19 13:27
Last modified:2008-06-20 21:11
Iapetus 8K VT 65.26 MB
Mimas 4K VT 18.84 MB
Rhea 8K VT 74.92 MB
Tethys 16K VT Part1 44.41 MB
Tethys 16K VT Part2 72.97 MB
Tethys 16K VT Part3 73.05 MB
Dione 16K VT Part1 23.70 MB
Dione 16K VT Part2 42.09 MB
Dione 16K VT Part3 83.57 MB
Dione 16K VT Part4 81.60 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-15 14:36
#3 anonymous
I don't think there are rings surrounding Rhea; the Cassini spacecraft itself did not detect anything similar to a ring, but oh well.
2012-08-03 14:15
#2 Rhea
Forget it, Rhea has ring but it HASN'T ring... I hope a person upload an addon about the rhea ring (Size n' map)
2012-08-01 10:08
#1 anonymous
Keep up the good work - these textures are amazing! home page