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VT Mercury Surface Map (32K)

Summary:Virtual surface textures for Mercury, Levels 0-5.
Description:John's add-on package contains everything you need to add higher-resolution images for the surface of Mercury. This Virtual Texture (VT) package contains the PNG images and the CTX control file, as well as the SSC needed to add the higher-resolution displays. To install, simply unzip into your Celestia root directory, or Copy/Paste the "extras" folder into your Celestia root directory.
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Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2007-06-19 13:00
Last modified:2013-05-15 22:49
Levels 0-2 PNG/CTX/SSC 16.98 MB
Level 3 PNG/CTX/SSC 44.43 MB
Level 4 (Part1) PNG/CTX/SSC 87.38 MB
Level 4 (Part2) PNG/CTX/SSC 86.93 MB
Level 5 (Part1) PNG/CTX/SSC 180.60 MB
Level 5 (Part2) PNG/CTX/SSC 184.15 MB
Level 5 (Part3) PNG/CTX/SSC 179.03 MB
Level 5 (Part4) PNG/CTX/SSC 186.77 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-18 14:51
#3 Sirius18933
Perfect, i can see the caloris basin!
um... is NASA already sent a satelitte to see the other site? ;/
2011-12-26 14:50
#2 Pulsar Film
Thanx a lot - great addon.
2009-10-19 16:31
#1 Teto
For information:
- The virtual surface has a limit of knowledge as 'alternative surface'. But the "unknown" surfaces of 'normal view' are filled with the surface of the moon made by same author!
Funny. home page