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Generic Red Dwarf Texture

Summary:Generic Red Dwarf texture (for Type L and/or Type T) stars.
Description:Originally designed for Gliese 581, this add-on may still be used as it was intended. However, with the release of Celestia 1.5.0, you may now specify default star textures based on the types of stars which can now be found within your celestia.cfg file in the main Celestia directory. Please disregard the installation instructions included in this package unless you wish this add-on to modify only Gliese 581. Instead, simply copy this texture to your Celestia\textures\medres directory, and then modify your celestia.cfg file to point to the new texture under the L and T headers found within the CFG file. Now, whenever you go to any small dwarf (L or T) star, you will see the new Red Dwarf texture rather than the Celestia default texture.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
License:Released for all general use.
Added:2007-05-08 07:06
Last modified:2008-01-29 13:59
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