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Magnetic Dwarfs

Summary:This addon shows fictious representations of some real magnetic white dwarf binaries with their magnetic fields displayed.
Description:This is an add-on which shows five fictious magnetic white dwarf binaries with their magnetic field lines displayed in full 3D. It's actually a pretext to show the principle of the superposition of magnetic fields, in the case of two dipolar magnetic fields. Some charged particle paths are also shown and corresponds to real trajectories found in the magnetic fields, taking into account their relativistic effects. To install, simply copy the extracted folder to your Celestia\extras directory, and then use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to locate and view these objects. Type in Magnetic Dwarf to search for and view these add-ons.
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License:Free to use and edit. Non-commercial activities only.
Added:2007-05-08 07:03
Last modified:2009-04-13 21:23
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