Solar System:
Europa structure

Summary:A model showing the probable interior of Europa.
Description:This add-on displays the most probable internal structure of Jupiter's moon, Europa. A very nice 3D asteroid belt is also included. To install, please read Cham's readme.txt file which is included in this package. Please be aware, also, that this add-on was created for use with Celestia 1.4.1 or later. To view in Celestia, just type in the name "Sol 2/Europa - Internal structure" in the English version, or "Sol 2/Europe - Structure interne" in the French version. Both MAC and Windows versions have been included in these packages.
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License:Free to use and edit. No commercial activities are allowed.
Added:2007-05-08 06:59
Last modified:2008-01-12 15:45
English 3DS/DMOD/JPG/PNG (english) 4.46 MB
French 3DS/DMOD/JPG/PNG (french) 4.41 MB

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