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Enceladus (8K VT)

Summary:8k Enceladus Virtual Texture Surface Map provided by Steve Albers.
Description:This add-on contains an 8K VT Enceladus Surface texture which was provided by Steve Albers, and modified for use with Celestia by Hungry4info. The author has provided installation instructions in his Instructions.txt file, but please be aware that the VT will NOT work correctly in Celestia unless you also add an SSC file in your extras folder to reference the VT. Rather than modifying your solarsys.ssc file, you should simply copy the Enceladus folder and the corresponding CTX file to your Celestia\textures\hires directory, and then create a new SSC with the following:
AltSurface "High-Resolution" "Sol/Saturn/Enceladus"
Texture "Enceladus_Hires.ctx"
Finally, simply save the above SSC file to your Celestia\extras directory under whatever name you prefer. When finished, you will be able to select the new VT via right-clicking on Enceladus and then selecting the High-Resolution option. If you need more help with this process, please view the Virtual Textures Guide on our Documentation Page.
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License:Do whatever you want to with it.
Added:2007-05-02 09:37
Last modified:2008-02-02 11:14
Enceladus (8K VT) 8K/JPG/VT 6.48 MB

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2007-12-30 17:49
#1 speedyspacebike
Great! just what I wanted a VT of Enceladus!
Great job! home page