Solar System:
Earth structure

Summary:A model showing the internal structure of Earth.
Description:This add-on provides a high-resolution model which displays the approximate internal structure of our home planet. To install, please read Cham's Readme.txt file which is included in this package. Please be aware, also, that this add-on was created for use with Celestia 1.4.1 or later. To view in Celestia, simply use the Solar System Browser under the "Navigation" menu, and click on "Earth's interior" to get to this representation of the Earth. Please be aware, also, that you may see duplicate entries in your Solar System Bowser. Selecting either entry will display the same model though. Final note: Both Mac and Windows versions have been included in these packages.
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License:Free to use and edit. No commercial activities allowed.
Added:2007-04-17 07:00
Last modified:2011-08-11 22:32
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French 3DS/JPG/PNG (french) 4.97 MB
Italian 3DS/JPG/PNG (italian) 4.95 MB

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