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Minor Moon Textures

Summary:Fictional data added to known minor moon maps.
Description:You know those moon textures with excessive blank colored areas? Well... I decided to add in fictional craters and such to fill in this boring space. To install, simply copy these textures to your Celestia\textures\medres folder. NOTE: You may wish to make backup copies of the original Celestia textures before you over-write them with these files. Please note also that more realistic versions of some of these moons now exist.
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License:Free for Celestia only.
Added:2006-11-20 08:41
Last modified:2008-04-01 18:03
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2008-12-03 01:19
#1 Gradius_Fanatic
Ive been meaning to say, I've left the textures the way they are so you can still tell the difference between REAL data and the fictional terrain I added in. home page