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Latitude-Longitude Grid

Summary:Earth Latitude and Longitude Grid overlay texture.
Description:This add-on places a very convenient latitude and longitude alternate texture over the Earth in Celestia. Simply unzip to your extras folder, or copy the SSC to your Celestia\extras folder and the PNG file to your Celestia\textures\medres directory. Originally based upon Grant Hutchison's grid add-on with some modifications. To activate, right-click on the Earth, choose "alternate textures" and then select "Grid-Overlay." You'll find that it's very much easier to locate things on the Earth if all you have are coordinates.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
License:Use without restriction.
Added:2006-10-30 14:52
Last modified:2007-12-18 15:16
Latitude-Longitude Grid PNG 33.16 kB

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