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Earth without water 2

Summary:Earth without water and the desertification of its continents. This new version also comes with a Normal Map.
Description:What would Earth look like without any water and after time had dried out its continents? This add-on shows the Earth in just such a state. To install, simply follow Ulrich's installation instrcutions which are included in this package in his info.txt file.
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License:Creative Commons
Added:2006-10-23 08:27
Last modified:2008-08-27 20:36
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Comments by visitors:

2011-12-20 13:41
#5 amaranathan
when there is no water hot air circulate the globe the entire map shape will change slight different it something look like mars planet.
2011-03-12 14:20
#4 StuG
Alex, Antarctica is a frozen continent it's a land mass not a floating ice shelf.
2010-05-08 21:15
#3 Alex
Im not being picky but, if there is no water shouldn't Antarctica be gone? Other than that it looks amazing
2010-04-09 18:23
#2 Greg
Please can you make one with the landmasses the same tone as the sea floor? A more seamless blend would be more realistic and look better.
2006-12-20 20:24
#1 anonymous
whoa, talk about extreme desertification! This is the perfect map showing the long term effects of the previous dry oceans map. home page