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M2-9 Planetary Nebula

Summary:A fully 3D model of the M2-9 Wings of a Butterfly Nebula.
Description:This add-on provides a very interesting perspective of the M2-9 Planetary Nebula. Utilizing 3D models and 2K textures, the author has created an exciting look at not only the Nebula itself, but the two stars revolving around each other at the center of the nebula. To install, simply copy all contents to your Celestia\extras directory. Use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to type in M2-9 in order to locate and view this add-on within Celestia.

To see the stars at the center of this planetary nebula, select the M2-9 Barycenter from the Solar System Browser under Celestia's Navigation Menu, and then (G)o to it.
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License:Free to use for non-commercial activities.
Added:2006-10-23 08:19
Last modified:2008-11-09 03:14
M2-9 Planetary Nebula 3DS/2K/PNG 6.55 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-08 15:09
#7 Sirius18933
in my Extra folder, nothing nice, only Billboards, planets, textures, etc' and This one is the best Nebulae Add-on in this site i've seen. and i can see the binary in the center, and the billboard no... You can make other? ;)
2009-02-25 12:53
#6 space-explorer
great! that binary system has great 3d;
the nebula to!
2008-07-16 03:43
#5 Whitney
This add-on is really wonderful. Great job, I love it.
2008-01-21 18:09
#4 Bob Hegwood
By far, one of the BEST add-ons I've seen on this site. Got any more at home like THIS one?
2007-06-14 14:14
#3 Nakova
The center is Very excellent!!!
2007-03-29 19:20
#2 Muca
This is Great Work
2006-10-26 17:01
#1 anonymous
this is great....a 3D model of my favorite nebula! home page