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Egypt: Pyramids

Summary:The three Great Pyramids of Gizeh.
Description:This add-on is quite simple, but nice. It displays the three Great Pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt. Installation instructions have been included in this package in the ReadMe.txt file. It is recommended that you have also installed one of the larger Earth VT add-ons in order to view the surrounding area in some detail. The VT add-ons can be found elsewhere in the Earth Surface textures category. To view the Pyramids in Celestia, simply view the Earth somewhere around Egypt, and then press Enter in order to type in Cheops Pyramid as the location to view. This add-on can also be used in conjunction with Kinderino's Giza Close-Up which is located in this same category. The combination of these two add-ons makes for a nice effect. See the 2nd screen shot below.
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Creator:Diane Neisius (Medusa)
Added:2006-10-23 08:16
Last modified:2009-01-26 21:32
Egypt: Pyramids 3DS/SSC 1.80 kB

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2008-12-29 18:22
#1 Astroboy
Pyramids themselves need waaaaay more texture. Right now they're just solid triangles in dirt. home page