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Pulsars J0737-3039

Summary:Fictional representation of two very REAL pulsars.
Description:This small add-on is a representation of two real pulsars located at about 1800 LY from our Sun and moving at a fast rate around their common barycenter (2 hours 27 min). They are called PSR 0737-3039. Since their discovery in 2004, they became famous among astronomers and astrophysicists, because of their ultra-relativistic behavior. This add-on is made from the recent data given to Cham by one of the discoverers (Micheal Kramer). Read Cham's installation instructions in his Readme.txt file.
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License:Free to use, but only if it's related to Celestia and education. Can NOT be used for any commercial activity.
Added:2006-09-19 06:36
Last modified:2014-02-24 18:57
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Comments by visitors:

2008-01-31 14:42
#4 Bob Hegwood
Simply copy the PSR J0737-3039 directory to your Celestia\extras directory. See Cham's Readme.txt file too.
2007-12-27 20:53
#3 jan Olsson
Hello all astronomers.Can anyone tell me how I shall install thoose pulsars.
2006-10-02 19:23
#2 John M. Dollan
Oh, this is very cool indeed! I *love* the magnetic lines, as well. A great visualization. Thank you!
2006-09-21 08:12
#1 Klaus_1965
Very nice models which give a good idea on the dimensions of pulsars and how pulsars may look like. home page