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Snowball Earth

Summary:Earth, covered in ice.
Description:To install, simply copy all files to the Celestia\extras\Snowball Earth folder. Please be aware that this add-on is NOT an alternate surface. Once installed, the Earth remains snow-covered. The only way to remove the covering is to delete the Snowball Earth folder from the extras folder.
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License:Public domain.
Added:2006-09-12 07:06
Last modified:2008-04-03 12:38
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2009-08-12 07:16
#3 Planetoid "S" & #2 anonymous
How....... cold!! And OK, too! I recommend this for a winter lover!
2007-09-11 22:20
#2 anonymous
a nice demonstration of a global ice age
2006-09-14 17:21
#1 anonymous
how interestig, this is pretty good. home page